LANDMARK Search Group - Professional Recruitment Firm


Research Deployed at the initiation of retained or contractual searches upon receipt of the specific qualifications necessary for the candidate(s). Identifies top talent in the most timely manner possible.

Candidate Contact We complete a series of in-depth interviews by telephone with viable candidates to determine their individual interests in pursuing your firm’s opportunity. The screening process pinpoints each individual’s qualifications and track record, motivations and conformity to your position, organization, culture and management philosophy.

Conduct Preliminary Reference Checks With your concurrence, we will complete a series of preliminary reference checks to further ascertain the candidate’s qualifications.

Evaluation An evaluation of all viable candidates according to your position specifications with special emphasis on the quantifiable qualifications. Preliminary references, personality profiling, potential chemistry match, family influences, and candidate motivations are also assessed.

Client Involvement and Candidate Presentation Regular contact throughout the search is maintained to continually keep you apprised of all results. Selected candidates are first verbally presented to you. At your request, we will submit a written summary of the candidates’ accomplishments and professional credentials coupled with our assessment of their qualifications and motivations.

Feedback Rapidly exchanging feedback insures that all parties are moving in the same direction and allows adjustments to be made in the search as necessary. The prompt exchange of feedback is critical to maintaining the candidate’s interest. An expedient decision after each step in the interview process is extremely important and proves to increase probability of a successful hire.

Candidate Interviews We will coordinate mutually convenient interviews by phone or in person between you and selected candidates.

Candidate Preparation We advise candidates to conserve your time by carefully preparing for each interview with a synopsis of how their talents and track records conform to the needs of your position and company. At the conclusion of each interview, candidates are expected to confirm their ability to effectively perform the position specifications and make decisions on moving forward to the next step.

Client Preparation A summary of each candidate’s motivations is presented prior to each interview in order to increase your ability to ultimately attract the most desirable candidate. A specific time is arranged between you and your search consultant to immediately exchange feedback about the interview and the next step.

Commitment Check A continuous dialogue with the candidate to ensure all affected parties are moving towards the opportunity. Any potential problem areas or concerns are quickly assessed and addressed.

References Thorough reference checks at your request are conducted to confirm the individual’s background and experience as related to the position he or she is being considered for. We will also help evaluate the likelihood of the candidate successfully fusing into your organization’s corporate culture.

Final Selection and Offer Negotiation After you have selected the top candidate, we will assist you in the offer compilation and extension and in reaching agreement on other areas necessary to successfully complete the search. Our participation in this process raises the likelihood that the extension of your offer is a formality. We advocate the formal extension of an offer only when we are certain that it will be accepted.

Candidate Resignation We will assist the candidate in his or her resignation by providing essential information and advice through regular contact. The close involvement during this delicate time promotes a timely resignation and reduces the threat of potential counteroffer considerations.